Welcome to the Protein Smoothie Bar!

Big news! We have re-branded these “protein smoothies.” The main reason is that these delicious smoothies aren’t any old smoothies--they are packed with protein. Consider these meals! Our initial launch has four of my favorite smoothies for several reasons. Some are sweeter than others, some cleaner than others, and some are built for one primary purpose: GAINS, BABY!

**ALL SMOOTHIES CONTAIN NUT MILK (Cashew or Almond) - we can make them with whole milk but we are NOT a nut-free establishment.**

More flavors are coming soon with some fun partnerships but for now, and without further ado, the protein smoothies:

The Mic Drop

Like a tropical paradise vacation in a cup, it's as blue as our logo from Blue Spirulina -- a powerhouse from the sea with protein and too many benefits to list. We call it The Mic Drop for a reason.  Tastes like cotton candy ice cream!

INGREDIENTS:  Vanilla Protein Powder, Banana, Pineapple, Blue Spirulina, Cashew Milk

BENEFITS: Blue Spirulina is an algae rich in nutrients, has potent antioxidants, aids in blood sugar control, and improves muscle strength and endurance, to name a few. 

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 20oz Serving Size | Calories - 455 | Protein - 30 grams

The Erika

The Erika is your post-workout powerhouse, named after a dear friend and smoothie muse. Lots of protein added greens and fiber, and a flavor profile of a peanut butter cup. 

INGREDIENTS: Cacao Protein Powder, PB2 Powder, Banana, Spinach, Cashew Milk, Dates.

BENEFITS: Optimal protein, added greens, great after a workout or for breakfast.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION:  20oz Serving Size | Calories - 536 | Protein 42 grams 

The Basic Berry

The perfect basic protein smoothie that is low in sweetness but packs that bright punch! It has a low glycemic index and berry antioxidants and is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! It’s not as basic as its name.

INGREDIENTS:  Vanilla Protein Powder, Banana, Berries, Spinach, Cashew Milk, Dates

BENEFITS: Low glycemic index and sugar, great for kids, simple and delish!

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 20oz Serving Size | Calories - 404 | Protein - 23 grams

The Favorite

Best described as sipping on a tropical, sweet salad. You feel the goodness from every sip. The Aloe Vera base is an antioxidant powerhouse, added greens, and the flavor is the favorite for a reason. 

INGREDIENTS:  Vanilla Protein Powder, Aloe Vera Juice, Banana, Spinach, Cucumber, Passionfruit, Cashew Milk, Dates

BENEFITS: Aloe vera is excellent for your cells and digestion, hydrating, and added protein.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: 20oz Serving Size | Calories - 441 | Protein - 28 grams

More On Our Smoothies...

I started consuming smoothies when I realized they provide the fastest way to consume proper calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and fat: blended and delicious. I would add random fruits, vegetables, and ingredients to “beef them up” while keeping an enjoyable flavor profile.

I waited to release them until this month for a few reasons: smoothies take time, I needed to perfect the recipes, and I wanted to make each smoothie as tasty as when I make them at home. Even on launch day, I was still workshopping my favorite recipes!

I have used different protein powders in different recipes and included premium add-ons to up the ante and, hopefully, surpass expectations.

Protein is a magical ingredient when combined with fruit. It decreases the glucose spike you would otherwise get from eating a plate of pineapple. When combined with almond milk, vegetables, and other ingredients, smoothies are a sippable meal. Trust us, you’ll feel full!

We all need a little extra protein in our diets, so keep our protein smoothies in mind. Have them for breakfast, after a workout, a fast lunch, or even an afternoon pick-me-up--the choice is yours! Rest assured you’re getting the proper nutrition and energy you need to feel strong all day long.